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FMS Environmental Services, Inc. is an industrial hygiene and engineering based consulting firm comprises with experienced, educated and certified staffs that provides utter environmental and engineering services to all hue of residential, commercial property owners, building management companies, insurance industry, and industrial ventures throughout greater New York Area in a timely and cost effective manner with due diligence.

FMS Environmental Services, Inc. Statement of Qualifications:

FMS’s mission is to provide quality engineering, environmental, health and safety services. We will accomplish this by merging the qualification and experience in engineering, environmental, occupational health and safety and industrial hygiene expertise of our professionally trained senior staff, FMS demonstrates a unique ability to deliver state-of-the-art services to our customers at a considerable benefit in cost and time savings.

Our mission is simple - "
To be an affordable source of quality home and building occupational and environmental health needs. "

FMS is committed to provide the best solution within our clients’ budget and time frame.


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